Friday, February 17, 2012

Lost something? Check with Police and Security

With thousands of people coming in and out of the MGH each day – whether staff with busy schedules or patients with health concerns weighing on their minds – it is not uncommon for an individual to misplace a personal item. But when something is lost at the hospital, there is a chance it may be recovered through MGH Police and Security’s lost and found.

Police and Security staff try to contact owners and return items whenever possible. While most unclaimed objects become property of the MGH after 30 days and eventually are discarded, valuable jewelry and watches may be kept for a longer period of time.

“Staff, patients and visitors should call us about lost items or missing personal effects as soon as they realize they’ve been misplaced,” says Bonnie Michelman, director of Police, Security and Outside Services. “But if a piece of valuable jewelry or a watch was lost on campus property, even if it was a while ago, we might still have it.”

In order to claim a lost item, the owner must be able to describe or draw it in detail. To inquire about a lost item, call 617-724-3030. To report a found item, call 617-726-2121.

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