Friday, March 2, 2012

Innovative MGHers honored with Bowditch Prize


OUTSTANDING EFFORTS: From left, Dighe, Warshaw and Volandes


Hospitals nationwide face a variety of challenges on a daily basis, including how to enhance the quality of patient care while also reducing costs.  The MGH honors staff who have made significant contributions in addressing these concerns with the Bowditch Prize, named in honor of Nathanial Bowditch, a 19th century pioneer of celestial navigation who helped raise support for the construction of the MGH in the 1800s.

Anand Dighe, MD, PhD, director of the Core Laboratory in the MGH Pathology Service, and Angelo Volandes, MD, of the Department of Medicine, were honored with the Bowditch Prize at this year’s 12th annual awards ceremony on Feb. 22.

“Over the past five years, Dr. Dighe has led a number of interdepartmental operations improvement initiatives that have had a major impact on the quality and efficiency of care for nearly every patient at the MGH,” said David Louis, MD, chief of Pathology, in Dighe’s nomination. Louis cited the implementation of an online laboratory order entry system and the introduction of an online laboratory handbook – which significantly reduced common specimen errors and eliminated thousands of phone calls to the laboratory – as just a few of Dighe’s many achievements.

Michael Barry, MD, medical director of the John D. Stoeckle Center for Primary Care Innovation, nominated Volandes, along with his clinical research group, for their creation of video decision aides that help physicians broach difficult end-of-life decision-making with patients. “In this era of patient-centered care, documentation of code status and preferences for medical care at the end of life are national priorities that the MGH should lead,” Barry said. “Dr.  Volandes has provided new tools to help clinicians accomplish this goal.”

During the awards ceremony, Andrew Warshaw, MD, chairman of the Bowditch Prize Committee and former chief of the MGH Department of Surgery, took time to congratulate all 15 MGHers who were nominated for this prestigious award. “As in years past, we had a very difficult time making a decision,” Warshaw said. “All the nominees were outstanding, and every effort important.

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