Friday, March 30, 2012

Chaplaincy changes

Improving the quality and efficiency of spiritual care, enhancing patient satisfaction and strengthening relationships with patient care units are the core reasons behind the MGH Chaplaincy’s upcoming redesign.

Two significant changes to the MGH Chapel’s worship schedule will take effect April 1. Prayer services will now be offered every day at 12:15 pm, while Roman Catholic Mass will be celebrated on Sundays as well as Holy Days of Obligation at 4 pm. All services will continue to be broadcast on the in-house Channel 16. In addition, Catholic programming, including broadcasts of Mass three times daily, now will be offered on Channel 17.

Marianne Ditomassi, RN, DNP, executive director of Patient Care Services, and professional development managers Rosalie Tyrrell, RN, and Mary Ellin Smith, RN, both from the Institute for Patient Care, worked with members of the Chaplaincy for six months to identify opportunities for improvement.

“MGH chaplains are committed to providing spiritual care to our patients, their families and our staff,” Ditomassi says. “We have professionally trained staff chaplains available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. They can help identify and respond to the spiritual needs and concerns of people of diverse cultures, traditions and beliefs – including coping with illness, counseling and providing prayer and ritual.”

During the redesign process, the Chaplaincy redefined its vision and developed a new staff chaplain liaison model to ensure each clinical setting has a designated staff chaplain to work with. Lastly, the Chaplaincy team redesigned its website, which can be accessed starting April 1 at For more information, contact the MGH Chaplaincy at 617-726-2220 or email

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