Friday, March 30, 2012

Enterprise Clinical System progresses

TREKKING AHEAD: Keith Jennings, chief information officer for the MGH and MGPO and a member of the project’s steering committee, listens to panelists during review day.

The work being done to implement e-chart at the MGH and BWH will serve as a bridge to a Partnerswide clinical information system, called the Enterprise Clinical System, which will unify disparate systems across all Partners HealthCare entities. Once completed, the Enterprise Clinical System will help clinicians better coordinate care, enhance their ability to measure and report on quality and efficiency, and help engage patients more closely in their own care.

The most recent milestone in the Enterprise Clinical System project was the review day held March 15, which offered an in-depth overview of the progress made since the project launched last May. The information reviewed during the event will guide the final decision between two potential system vendors, Epic and Siemens.

Through a series of panel discussions, approximately 250 individuals from across Partners – with an additional 200 watching via live streaming video – were brought up-to-date on demonstrations given by both vendors in January; clinical and technical site visits to other U.S. hospitals where these systems already are in use; and the results of reference calls about and external research into both vendors’ products. The panels were followed by an open commentary session. 

“Our goal from the start has been to approach this journey of discovery with openness, thoroughness, objectivity and a commitment to keeping our promises,” says Partners Chief Health Information and Innovation Officer David Blumenthal, MD. “We are very grateful for the commitment shown by all those involved thus far, and we look forward to the next major milestone: making a decision on which vendor to choose.”

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