Wednesday, April 25, 2012

New Pediatric Endoscopy Suite Opens

Kids Receive a Family-Friendly Space for Endoscopy

Staff celebrate the new suite. From left: Dawn Tenney, RN, Kriston Ganguli, MD, "Bunny" Marion Freehan, RN, Ron Kleinman, MD, Jeffrey Biller, MD, and Paula Curren, RN.

Butterflies and flowers decorated the brand new Pediatric Endoscopy Suite during its opening celebration on April 18. The suite, located on the 4th floor of the Gray Building, was developed with a vision to create a unique and child-family oriented, dedicated space for pediatric endoscopy. This new unit is co-located next to the Adult Endoscopy Unit and will permit the adult and pediatric endoscopy specialists to collaborate and share technology and expertise. The suite’s design includes two endoscopy procedure rooms, six patient rooms, a waiting room, consultation room and calming atmosphere.

“There is nothing like this suite in any other hospital in Boston,” Chief of the Pediatric Endoscopy Unit Jeffrey Biller, MD, said. “It is truly important to have an endoscopy unit dedicated to children. Ours has been working beautifully since its official opening two months ago and has enormous potential to grow.”

The vision for the Pediatric Endoscopy Suite was formed in 2005, and nearly seven years later after a superb effort by the team responsible for its design, Dr. Biller performed the suite’s first case in February of this year. During the April opening celebration, Physician-in-Chief of MassGeneral Hospital for Children and unit chief of Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition Ron Kleinman, MD, congratulated the hard work of the design and operations teams, and thanked everyone for all of their efforts.

“We’ve definitely moved to a new era,” Dr. Kleinman said. “We are very proud of everyone who worked to put it together.”

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