Friday, May 4, 2012

In memoriam: Dorina Cheung


A beloved member of the MGH VasCore family, administrator Dorina Gar Yan Cheung died April 23 at the age of 28. Cheung will be remembered by her colleagues and friends as an organizational dynamo who became an essential member of the team during her three years at the hospital.

“Dorina was one of the most remarkable people,” says Michael R. Jaff, DO, medical director of the Vascular Center, Vascular Diagnostic Laboratory and Vascular Ultrasound Core Laboratory (VasCore). “She was incredibly hard-working, really just extraordinary and lovely to be around.”

Cheung, who received a liver transplant in 2000, was known for her reliability and commitment to her work despite recent health problems. Debra Jaff, administrative director of VasCore, says Cheung’s dedication was seen on a daily basis, and her keen eye for details was just one of the reasons she received a 2010 Partners in Excellence Award. “She was very dedicated and detail-oriented.”

Gail Hadley, technical director of VasCore, says she still smiles about the day when she turned to Cheung for help with the details of a complex project. “No matter what, Dorina got the job done and done right. She was just so organized. She could pull up an email in a nanosecond,” Hadley says. “That one day, I’d say one thing, and she kept reminding me of what I’d previously said by immediately pulling up past emails. I went to tell her I’d changed my mind on something, and you could just hear her – ‘but you told me…’ She will be greatly missed.”

Cheung is survived by her parents, Sue and Jason, and siblings, Aaron, Christina and Vernon. Funeral services were held April 30.

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