Friday, June 15, 2012

MGH thanks Leadership Academy instructors

LIFELONG LEARNING: MGH Leadership Academy instructors at the event

MGH Leadership Academy instructors gathered in the Trustees Room June 5 for a special celebration honoring their commitment to the program, which has provided continuing education opportunities for managers since it was created seven years ago.

“We are so glad to have this opportunity to bring together this group that has helped make the Leadership Academy the success that it is,” said Carlyene Prince-Erickson, director of Employee Education and Leadership Development. “Thank you for helping the program grow and for taking the time to teach others.”

Since the Leadership Academy was launched in 2005, it has expanded from an initial nine courses to the 32 offered today. Prince-Erickson said more than 1,100 – 70 percent – of MGH managers have taken at least one course during that time, and 32 staff members have served as internal instructors and subject matter experts. “The courses focus on information and skills to help staff become more effective and successful managers,” Prince-Erickson said.

For the past four years, Diana Aversa, a recruiter in Human Resources, has taught courses on how to conduct interviews. “I really like it,” Aversa said. “As a recruiter, it’s especially nice to meet the participants, and it gives me the opportunity to walk them through the proper procedures so they have the most up-to-date and best information.”

For more information on the MGH Leadership Academy,  call 617-726-2230.

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