Friday, July 20, 2012

Social media buzzes with news of the rankings

When news broke about the MGH’s No. 1 ranking, fans and followers of the hospital’s Facebook and Twitter pages took to their computers, tablets and smartphones to send kind words of congratulations. Below is just a small sample of tweets and comments expressing warm wishes to the MGH. To follow the MGH on Twitter, visit To "like" the MGH on Facebook, visit

From Twitter:

@JohnKerry: great news for MA: big congrats to @MassGeneralNews for claiming #1 spot on the 2012-‘13 @usnews “America’s Best Hospitals” list

@jessgrondin: MGH has always had my vote! #thankful RT @MassGeneralNews News release: #MGH ranked #1 by @USNews #boston

@PG_Petros: @MassGeneralNews Once again we have proved we are the “City of Champions!” Congratulations to the staff at Massachusetts General Hospital.

@LindaGorhamRyan: @MassGeneralNews Congratulations to my work family. Today I celebrate thirty four years as a nurse with MGH. We keep getting better and better

@projecthopeorg: Congratulations@MassGeneralNews MT: News release: #MGH ranked #1 by @USNews and thanks for your #volunteer support!

From Facebook:

Helen M.: MGH saved my life. Drs. Barbara Smith, Gerry Younger and Simon Powell treated me at 31 for breast cancer and, equally important, like a total human being. They cured the cancer and nurtured the soul and always saw both as paramount. I am now 14 years cancer free with 2 amazing little boys. Thank you, MGH.

Julia V.: I agree with the #1 ranking, my husband is being treated at MGH for the past two yrs and the quality of care is unparalleled, from his team of Doctors, Nurses and support staff, they have treated us with tender loving care and respect ... thank you so much!

Donna S.: Congrats to a wonderful institution! We locals often forget just how lucky we are to have some of the best hospitals in the world right here in our back yard – and now the #1 hospital in the country! I have been a proud blue card carrier for years!!

Maurizio F.: They’ve finally confirmed what we all have known for years. MGH is #1 in this area and the country. Always been #1 in my family, nice to see them get the recognition they truly deserve. Congratulations to all the administrators and staff!! You deserve it!!

Project HOPE: Thank you Mass General for providing volunteers for Project HOPE that have provided care in Haiti after the earthquake as well as other parts of the world in need of medical care.

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