Friday, August 3, 2012

Short-stay unit opens


TAILORED TREATMENT: Staff in the Short Stay Patient Care Unit


To help address growing Emergency Department (ED) volume and ongoing capacity challenges throughout the MGH, a new Short Stay Patient Care Unit has been created on Bigelow 7, the former home of the Gynecology/Oncology Unit. The GYN/ONC unit now is located on Phillips House 21.

The unit, which opened July 30, features 18 beds that will augment the existing 14 observation beds on the Bigelow 12 ED Observation Unit. This addition increases the total short-stay observation beds at the MGH to 32.

“The opening of the Short Stay Patient Care Unit is particularly timely, as ED patient volume has grown by more than 7 percent in the past year,” says Theresa Gallivan, RN, associate chief nurse in the ED. “This new unit is essential in providing patients with the best environment tailored to their specific needs to enable a safe and effective recovery.”

Short-stay patients require observation in the hospital for 24 hours or less for diagnoses such as asthma, cellulitis, chest pain, deep vein thrombosis or head trauma.

“Many short-stay adult patients previously either remained in the ED for prolonged periods before discharge or were placed into inpatient beds on floors all over MGH, thereby contributing to crowding,” says David Brown, MD, vice chair of Emergency Medicine. “This new unit allows us to care for these patients in a more appropriate location that will promote safety, quality and efficiency of care.” 

The unit was developed as a collaborative effort between multiple departments, including Emergency Medicine, Emergency Nursing, Patient Care Services, Case Management, Admitting, Information Systems and Pharmacy.

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