Friday, August 10, 2012

MGHer earns master’s at age 70


Margo Johnson's bucket list just got a little shorter. After five years of hard work and dedication, on June 3, the 70-year-old administrative assistant at the MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center received her master’s degree in health care management from Cambridge College. With the support of MGH’s tuition reimbursement program, Johnson says she worked her way through the program by taking two to three courses at a time.

“It was a personal goal that I wanted to accomplish,” Johnson says. “I thought about it for many years, but it wasn’t until my administrative director at the time went and got hers that I thought, ‘Oh my gosh, I can do that too.’ It’s so important that people know it’s never too late to expand your education, thanks to the MGH.”

While her nights and weekends were spent in the classroom or studying, Johnson’s days were and continue to be dedicated to advancing the health and well-being of Chelsea residents through her work in the adolescent and pediatric unit. She also helps run the annual MGH Summer Safety and Bike Event, staffs the Chelsea Network Health Fair and oversees Family Literacy Day at the public library. In honor of her community efforts throughout the years, Johnson was awarded the MGH Chelsea HealthCare Center Shining Star Award during a recent awards day.

“All of the community events – I just love them,” Johnson says. “It’s great to work on something to make it happen. Whether it’s education or within your community, it’s just never too late to make anything you want happen.”

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