Friday, August 24, 2012

MGHers help obtain statewide grant for nursing education


NURSING KNOWLEDGE: From left, Richard M. Freeland, commissioner, DHE; Patricia Crombie, RN, MSN, project director of the Massachusetts Action Coalition; Jessica Alvarez-Montano, RN, BSN, May 2012 graduate, UMass Lowell; David Cedrone, associate commissioner for Economic and Workforce Development; Murray; Sharon Gale, RN, MS, chief executive officer, ONL; Ives Erickson; JudyAnn Bigby, MD, 
secretary of Health and Human Services; and Sen. Richard T. Moore, chair of the Joint Commission on Health Care Financing


Lt. Gov. Timothy Murray announced Aug. 21 the awarding of a $300,000 Robert Wood Johnson Foundation grant to the Commonwealth of Massachusetts to support academic progression in nursing. Currently, 55 percent of the state’s nurses hold Bachelor of Science in Nursing (BSN) degrees or above. A 2010 report from the Institute of Medicine recommended that 80 percent of nurses be educated at the BSN level 
or higher.

The grant will support the ongoing collaboration between the Department of Higher Education (DHE) and the Organization of Nurse Leaders (ONL). Associate chief nurse Kevin Whitney, RN, MA, NEA-BC, immediate past-president of ONL, and Gino Chisari, RN, DNP, president of the Massachusetts Association of Registered Nurses and director of the Norman Knight Center for Clinical and Professional Development, were closely involved in advancing the grant application process. The MGH Department of Nursing also provided significant support. Jeanette Ives Erickson, RN, DNP, FAAN, chief nurse and senior vice president for Patient Care, was among those invited to speak at the Statehouse announcement.

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