Friday, November 30, 2012

Office for Research Career Development launches Graduate Student Division


Hundreds of graduate students currently work at the MGH. To help these students while at the hospital, prepare them for career options after graduate school, and provide programs, services and resources designed to enhance their MGH experience, the Office for Research Career Development – part of the Center for Faculty Development – has created the new Graduate Student Division. Supported and funded by the Executive Committee on Research, the division will open Dec. 1.

The division will be led by MGH psychologist Thilo Deckersbach, PhD, who came to the MGH in 1997 as a graduate student and became a faculty member in 2006. Deckersbach currently serves as director of Psychology in the Bipolar Clinic and Research Program and director of Research in the Division of Neurotherapeutics. He has a longstanding interest in helping graduate students reach their goals and fostering their professional development.

 “The Graduate Student Division aims to create a sense of community among the graduate students at MGH and become a resource both for graduate students and for their MGH advisers,” says Deckersbach. “This involves launching a graduate student association, providing programs and services as well as strengthening the relations with the degree-granting institutions.”

“Dr. Deckersbach’s warmth, enthusiasm, creativity and highly respected reputation for mentoring will enable him to successfully engage our graduate student community,” says Dennis Brown, PhD, director of the Office for Research Career Development. “With his leadership, we look forward to moving this initiative forward.” 

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