Friday, December 14, 2012

In memoriam: Steve Beauville


Steve Beauville will be remembered for being kind, funny, smart and charming – but his friends and colleagues say above all, it will be his infectious smile and the love he shared with them that they will miss the most. Beauville, 30, who worked for five years as an operations associate (OA) on the Cancer Center Unit, now on Lunder 9, died Nov. 21.

Lisette Packer, RN, of the Cancer Center Unit, remembers the day she met Beauville during orientation on his first day at the MGH. “He heard me speaking Spanish and we started talking. I told him my parents were Cuban,” she says. “He told me his father was also Cuban and we joked that we might be cousins. From then on,
I never called him Steve. I called him cousin and that’s what he called me.”

Alva Fairbairn, OA, of the Cancer Center Unit, says she knew Beauville since he was 7 years old and watched as he grew into a kind, giving young man who became a close friend. “He was an outstanding person who always came in with a smile. He was never upset a day in his life,” she says.

Beauville was known to always be willing to lend a helping hand in any situation, especially when it came to tackling computer problems. Cesar Castro, MD, of the Hematology/Oncology Department, credits him with being the unit’s resident IT guru. “Steve was very sharp and personable and definitely always stood out,” Castro says. “He was very vivacious.”

His colleagues say Beauville, who lived in Hyde Park, also had a passion for music of all kinds and enjoyed showcasing his skills as a disc jockey whenever possible, including at a recent work party where his main goal was to get everyone onto the dance floor. While listing his many attributes and sharing their favorite stories, his friends continue to come back to their favorite part of their encounters with him – that smile. “His smile was just amazing,” says Sophia Niles, OA, of the Cancer Center Unit. “It just melted you away. He was a real people person and knew so many people in so many different departments. He just touched so many throughout the whole hospital. There just aren’t enough words to explain how special Steve was.”

In addition to his many colleagues and friends, Beauville is survived by his parents Maggy Masamour and Wencito Beauville, and brothers Ancito and Shavelita Beauville. Funeral services were held Dec. 1. A memorial service at the MGH will be held at noon Dec. 18 in the MGH Chapel.

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