Friday, February 15, 2013

BBJ poll: MGH a ‘most admired company’

The MGH has been named one of the most admired health care companies in Massachusetts by the Boston Business Journal as part of its online 2013 Most Admired Companies, CEOs and Brands survey. In conjunction with these awards, the Boston Business Journal also will announce a “Readers' Choice” winner in each of its 10 featured categories.

As the competition winds down in the health care category between the MGH and fellow finalists Tufts Medical Center and Blue Cross Blue Shield, many MGH supporters have been closely watching the voting and have taken to Facebook to express congratulatory messages.

  • "I have worked at MGH for the past 52 years. It is the best, I would not be treated in any other hospital but at MGH.”
  • “MGH you’re simply the best!”
  • “Amazing place, amazing people, amazing care!”
  • “#1 hospital in the country! Can’t beat that!”
  • “I have worked at MGH for 8 years. I have worked at various hospitals in Boston and in over 30 years of being a secretary this is by far the best place. I love working here! For as big as this hospital is, there is a lot of camaraderie and a sense of ‘family.’”

The deadline to vote in the “Readers' Choice” poll is Feb. 21. It can be accessed by visiting

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