Friday, March 1, 2013

Happy New Year!


SINGING IN THE NEW YEAR: The Eastern Star Children’s Choir from Winchester, Mass. was among several featured performers.

Nearly 200 people gathered in a Simches Building conference room Feb. 15 to celebrate the Year of the Snake as part of the MGH Chinese Scientist and Staff Association’s (CSSA) traditional Chinese Lunar New Year event. The festivities featured a dinner buffet and entertainment by Boston-area dancers and musicians, who showcased their talents throughout the three-hour event.

“This event is not just a chance for the CSSA to celebrate with one another, but also a way to invite a great many nonChinese friends and colleagues at MGH to explore our traditions, culture and arts,” says CSSA President Ying-Hua Wang, PhD, research scientist in the Center for Regenerative Medicine. “It is a time to allow us to make new friends and enjoy time with one another, not just in academia, but in our personal lives as well.”

The annual celebration is one of the CSSA’s largest and most popular events. Throughout the year, the organization also hosts seminars focused on traditional Chinese medicine.  

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