Friday, June 7, 2013

Spaulding relocates to CNY


On April 27, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital moved 112 inpatients from its former home on Nashua Street to its new location at 300 First Avenue in the Charlestown Navy Yard. This marks the first new replacement hospital in Boston in more than 30 years.

Hospital officials said the 262,000-square-foot, 132-bed facility houses an aquatic therapy center, with a large therapy pool and a smaller resistance training pool. The grounds feature an extensive therapy garden and incorporate a variety of surfaces, such as sand, cobblestones, concrete stairs and a boardwalk. Nature, light and the outdoors were incorporated into the design to aid in the healing process. All patient rooms are private and line the exterior of the building so they receive the maximum amount of natural light. All aspects of the hospital were created to be both functional and provide therapeutic value.

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