Friday, August 9, 2013

Changes at Eat Street Café

The Eat Street Café will look a little different starting Aug. 15. A wall will be constructed to block off a portion of the café to accommodate a patient food services renovation project.

“The Carvery, where main entrees are served, will have some traffic redesign but services will not be eliminated, just rearranged,” said Susan Barraclough, MS, RD, LDN, director of MGH Nutrition and Food Services. “The panini and sushi area will close briefly, but will reappear in a new location. My hope is that people will barely notice.”

 For the next year, while the current patient food services space in the Ellison building basement is undergoing renovations staff will prepare menu items for patient trays in the area behind the café’s temporary wall. Nutrition and Food Services plans to decorate the wall with photos and quotes from staff working behind it.

 “This is part of a strategic plan to change the way we deliver food to the bedside. We want to improve the patient experience and remove inefficiencies and redundancies,” Barraclough said.

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