Friday, February 7, 2014

Next steps for Partners eCare

The July 12 revenue cycle go live date for Partners eCare at the MGH – which includes implementation of new administrative and financial systems that support functions such as registration, scheduling, admissions, coding and billing – is quickly approaching.

Current Systems Future Epic Modules
IDX Scheduling Cadence
Patcom Registration Prelude
Cbeds ADT
Patient Transport System ADT
Patcom Hospital Billing Resolute HB
IDX BAR Professional Billing     
Resolute PB

The hospital now is in the final stages of testing the Epic-based enterprise system, which was implemented at Newton-Wellesley Hospital earlier this month. It will soon turn its attention to identifying super users – a group of staff to serve as on-the-ground resources for Partners eCare at the MGH – and scheduling staff training sessions.

“In the coming months, there will be a significant impact to departments, as staff will need to be trained and all provider schedules and inpatients will need to be converted from existing systems into Epic,” says Sally Mason Boemer, senior vice president of Finance. “On behalf of the entire Partners eCare team at the MGH, we appreciate your continued hard work and commitment to ensuring the success of this important initiative.”

“Training is the point in the Partners eCare implementation process when administrative professionals and clinicians become fully engaged in Partners eCare,” Mason Boemer says. “We are currently in the process of planning the training sessions and will be reaching out to the appropriate departments in the coming months to schedule training for staff, which is slated to begin in mid-May.”

Some 8,000 staff members will be trained to use Epic’s revenue cycle applications, and education will include both classroom and online sessions with hands-on learning. Department-based super users with additional training will also be on hand to ensure the smoothest possible transition. Operational Readiness workgroups are currently determining the appropriate training for each end-user, based on specific roles.

“We are planning and we are preparing,” says Mason Boemer. “I look forward to the successful launch of the revenue cycle portion of Partners eCare at the MGH. This will be the first of many major milestones and serve as a model for the implementation of Epic’s clinical applications in 2016.”

Operational Workgroup 
Operational Readiness Lead
Andrea Crowley, Admitting
George Reardon, Patient Care Services
Bed Management/Environmental   
Ben Orcutt, Admitting
George Reardon, Patient Care Services
Cadence Scheduling & Front Desk
Estelle Mullen, Medicine
Beth Souza, RN, Nursing
Trish Stevens, Gastrointestinal unit
Jason Trella, Practice Improvement
Case Management                         
Nancy Sullivan, Clinical Care
Emergency Department                  
Ellen English, Emergency Services
John Brennan, Emergency Services
Non-Cadence Ancillaries                
Clare Kelley, Radiology
Claire Cronin, Radiation Oncology
Andrea Crowley, Admitting
George Reardon, Patient Care Services

Patient Access

Nancy Connery, Admitting
Peri-Operative & Operative Services         
Bethany Daily, Operating Room Administration
Registration-Financial Clearance
Joe Ianelli, Admitting
Paul Nealey, Patient Service Center
Kay Ryan, Clinical Research Program
Unscheduled Ancillaries
Tim Ross, Pathology


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