Friday, February 7, 2014

The right chemistry

MENTORING CONNECTIONS: Jada, left, with Guerrier

“We connected immediately,” says Marie Guerrier, RN, MGH Neurology, when describing her relationship with Jada Robinson, a seventh-grader at the James P. Timilty Middle School in Roxbury. Guerrier and Jada were paired in the fall and met biweekly at the hospital in preparation for the 24th annual MGH/Timilty Science Fair Project, coordinated by the Center for Community Health Improvement. This year, 57 students worked with 63 MGH mentors; another 54 MGH volunteers served as judges for the science fair held Feb. 3 through Feb 5.

“I love music, so that’s why I decided to use music in my experiment,” says Jada. Her project tested the effect listening to rap music has on a student’s ability to focus on homework. She found students who did their homework without listening to music were more productive, and their answers more thoughtful, accurate and complete. In addition, based upon their answers, these students appeared to have been more focused on the homework resulting in responses that were more precise. As for the students who listened to music while doing their homework – their answers appeared rushed, incomplete and less accurate.

Jada wants to pursue a career in forensic science – an interest sparked by watching hundreds of “CSI: Crime Scene Investigation” television episodes at home with her family.

Guerrier, who also serves as a mentor to undergraduate nursing students, enjoyed her first time experience with a middle school student. “We talked about life as well as the science fair. I hope we can stay in touch.”

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