Friday, February 28, 2014

Camargo receives first Conn Chair

EXCELLENCE IN EMERGENCY MEDICINE: From left, MGH President Peter L. Slavin, MD; Conn; Camargo; and Brown

Alasdair Conn, MD, chief emeritus of MGH Department of Emergency Medicine who led the department for more than 25 years, was honored during a Feb. 12 ceremony with the establishment of the Alasdair K. T. Conn, MD Endowed Chair in Emergency Medicine. Conn and first incumbent, Carlos A. Camargo, MD, DrPH, of the Department of Emergency Medicine, were celebrated by friends and colleagues at the event in the Emergency Department Training Room.

“I am thrilled to be a part of this process that allows us to honor Alasdair with an endowed chair, the first in our department,” said David Brown, MD, chief of the Department of Emergency Medicine. “And I can think of no more deserving first incumbent than Carlos Camargo, who is our most accomplished research scientist. Carlos brings a tireless work ethic and tremendous integrity to everything he does. He is a leader the MGH can be proud of.”

Camargo began at the MGH as an intern in 1990 and quickly developed his twin passions for emergency medicine and clinical research.
He founded and still directs the Emergency Medicine Network (EMNet), an international research consortium that aims to improve public health through research and education in emergency care. Internationally known for his work in respiratory and allergy emergencies, health services research in emergency care, and a variety of public health issues, Camargo has published more than 600 papers and mentored numerous students and faculty.

“It is wonderful to be the first incumbent of the Conn Chair. It reminds me what an important role Alasdair played in my career and how much I appreciate the opportunities he has given me,” said Camargo.

The endowed chair will provide sustained support for the EMNet and for Camargo’s diverse research interests.

“Thank you, Carlos, for your contributions past, present and future,” said Conn. “As for me, I am privileged. It has been a wonderful journey and this is part of the culmination.”  n

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