Friday, May 9, 2014

Learning and leading

TOKEN OF GRATITUDE: Schlapp congratulates Cunningham

“It is very difficult to stand up in front of a group and make a presentation, and it’s especially difficult when English is not your first language,” says Kristen Schlapp, a lead instructor for the MGH Workplace Education Program.

For the past eight months, Schlapp has taught the MGH Workplace Education Program Intermediate B English class, which offers English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) and computer classes to support staff in the hospital. The English classes run from September through May and are designed to meet the needs of employees in their work and improve their language skills in everyday life.

“It helped us a lot,” says Myrone Cunningham, a patient care associate for Central Resource Team Nursing. “I am grateful; my spelling and grammar have improved and I feel more confident.”

Added Rosa Bonilla, a patient care associate in Admitting, “It has helped me to improve my English and communicate with patients, co-workers and visitors.”

On April 30, Cunningham, Bonilla and six classmates demonstrated their communication skills as part of a project focused on safety in the hospital. In front of an audience made up of colleagues, guests and friends at the MGH Training and Workforce Development office, the students reviewed hospital safety rules with a PowerPoint presentation while practicing their professional speaking skills.

“We had a wonderful teacher who made everyone feel comfortable and confident,” says Alix Manigat, support staff on the Ellison 14 Burn Unit.

Adds Schlapp, “A presentation like this shows they are developing the communication and leadership skills to make a difference at the MGH. I am very proud of their accomplishments.”

For more information about MGH Workplace Education Program classes, contact Schlapp at 617-726-2388 or

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