Friday, September 6, 2019

MGH staff deployed to aid hurricane relief efforts

DMAT1 team

As Hurricane Dorian continues its path of destruction, MGH staff have already been deployed to help with relief efforts. The Metro-Boston Disaster Medical Assistance Team (DMAT MA-1), which is part of the federal National Disaster Medical System (NDMS), has deployed to the Carolinas to use their expertise in clinical care and disaster response.

Eleven MGH staff members are part of the DMAT team. They are, from left, David Mather, Center for Disaster Medicine; Ellen Blanch, RN, SICU; Karen Ryle, RPh, Outpatient Pharmacy; Allison Curtis, RN, Burns Department; Jarone Lee, MD, Emergency Medicine; Jacky Nally, RN, Center for Disaster Medicine; Lisa Anahory, RN, Emergency Medicine; Karon Konner, MSW, Social Service; Craig Nally, PA, Emergency Medicine; Monica Staples, RN, Emergency Medicine; and Mike Marra, Police and Security.

The MGH Global Health Office of Global Disaster Response also has deployed a response team to the Bahamas to support International Medical Corps. The Wave 1 team includes Bobbie Curtis, CNM; Jen Samiotes, RN; and Lindsey Martin, NP. Several MGH staff members who are part of the NDMS Trauma and Critical Care Team East are also on call.

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