The ALS~Maine Collaborative and Massachusetts General Hospital (Mass General) are working together to improve access to specialized care for patients with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) throughout Maine. Utilizing state-of-the-art, secure, high-definition videoconferencing and online collaboration technologies, the Mass General-Maine ALS TeleCare Network aims to provide assistance to Maine-based clinicians, patients with ALS, their families and caregivers in a cost-effective and efficient manner. Read the press release.

Providing Care for MaineThrough this collaboration, Mass General specialists are providing ongoing care to our patients with ALS (pALS) who reside in Maine using two-way, interactive audio and video technologies. In time, video consultation in the clinic settings will also be available.  Mass General is able to provide better coordinated managed care through this timely, efficient, and meaningful exchange of information.  Using this system, Mass General can also monitor a pALS’s physical condition to help determine eligibility for clinical research trial enrollment, for those patients interested in clinical trials. For more information about this program, please contact James Berry, MD at the Massachusetts General ALS Multidisciplinary Clinic.

James Berry, MD

In the future, Maine physicians will be able to use these same technologies to easily collaborate with highly specialized ALS providers at Mass General in real-time to diagnose and treat new patients.  With the assistance of a local provider, the multidisciplinary clinical team located in Boston can remotely examine the patient, review radiology images and lab results, and quickly identify the best treatments in collaboration with local providers.

Educational ResourcesBy combining on-site and online learning experiences, Mass General creatively applies knowledge and technology to offer targeted educational sessions to Maine-based providers.  The partnership with the ALS~Maine Collaborative also provides online multimedia information resources designed to educate providers, caregivers, and patients and improve the overall care of Maine residents suffering from ALS. Please see the below resources.

About the ALS~Maine CollaborativeThe ALS~Maine Collaborative is an independent non-profit organization based in Maine focused on the causes, prevention, treatment and development of a cure for ALS.  They raise awareness and educate patients, families, caregivers and the general public about ALS, and seek to remove the barriers that stand in the way of improving the care of persons with ALS in Maine.

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