What is required to apply to your program?

All applicants are required to complete an Electronic Residency Application Service (ERAS®) application. Please make sure you have the following completed documents:

  • An ERAS application
  • Dean's letter
  • Medical school transcript
  • United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE) Board scores
  • Three letters of reference
  • Personal statement
  • A curriculum vitae
  • Photo
Do you accept more than three LORs? Is there a preference who writes the letters?

You may include four LORs. There is no preference who writes the letters, except one letter is typically from an anesthesiologist and the others from physicians who know you well.

Do you offer any research pathways? And how would I apply?
  1. Categorical (Anesthesiology/PG 1-4, 1261040C0)
    • Categorical and Advanced tracks – For applicants interested in research, we strongly encourage application to both the Categorical and Advanced tracks. These tracks do not commit you to doing research during your CA3 year. You will have the option of 6 months of mentored research. This is a fantastic bridge to independent funding upon completion of residency (e.g., T32, FAER, etc).
  2. Advanced (Anesthesiology/PG 2-4, 1261040A0)
  3. Research (Anesthesiology/Research, 1261040C1)
    • Research track – We also encourage applicants interested in research to consider our new PRIME (Pathway to Research Independence with Mentorship and Education) track, overseen by Dr. Johnson-Akeju. This is a categorical match (PGY1-4) and provides an earlier entry point to our research scene. Two weeks at the end of intern year (prior to starting in anesthesia) are dedicated to meeting research mentors and getting to know labs and projects. It also comes with increased, earlier longitudinal mentorship and guaranteed meeting funding for each CA year.
Where would I find information on the research infrastructure and resources at Mass General?

We will be offering 7 categorial positions and 17 advanced positions.

How many positions do you offer in your categorical and advanced tracks?
Do you offer PGY2 positions to applicants who can start right after the Match? If so, how many?

IS (Anesthesiology/IS, 1261040R0)
This track is reserved for applicants who have already completed their internship/ PGY-1 year and are looking to start with the program in the summer after the match with 1-2 positions available.

I am interested in both your categorical and advanced tracks. Do I need to apply and interview for each program separately?

You have to select both categorical and advanced tracks on your ERAS application. If you are granted an interview, it will count for both tracks. We submit the same rank list for both tracks. However, you will need to rank both tracks with the National Resident Matching Program® (NRMP).

Do you offer positions outside of Match?

No. The NRMP has adopted the "all in" policy where all applicants must go through the Match. We are fully compliant with this policy. The Match allows an immediate pathway for applicants who could start in the Advanced Program the summer following the Match (meaning they have already done an internship in the United States that satisfies most of the requirements of the clinical base year). We anticipate a couple spots for applicants who may want to utilize this pathway to Match with Mass General in the spring and start in summer.

Do you offer couples Match?

Yes. If you are applying for a position in anesthesia at Mass General and received an interview invitation, and your significant other also applied to our program and did not receive an interview, please email our residency coordinator. The application may not have been reviewed, and we can usually provide an answer regarding the interview within two days.

If your significant other is applying to another program at Mass General, please let our residency coordinator know. We can contact the coordinator in that specialty to find out the status of his/her application so you can coordinate your interviews in the same time frame.

If your significant other is applying to a program outside of Mass General, contact that program directly. Let them know you received an interview in Boston and would like to check the status of your significant other's application.

Do you accept applicants who have already completed a prior residency?

Yes. We do accept applicants who already have completed a prior residency. We ask all applicants applying for a position after starting or finishing another residency to apply through the ERAS.

If you matched to a position last year and would like to transfer to the Anesthesia Residency Program at Mass General, we require a release letter from your current program director. Because you matched to a position through the NRMP, you are contracted to that position for the duration of your residency unless it is agreed by both the program director and resident. We will need proof that your current program director agrees that it is not a good fit and gives you permission to begin looking for an alternate position.

If you are in a matched position for a preliminary or transitional year and did not match to a residency program last year, you will still need to complete an ERAS application and email our residency coordinator.

Do I need to complete an internship year with your program if I have already completed a different residency (pediatrics, surgery, medicine, etc.)?

Not necessarily. An accredited internship in other fields does count as the internship, but you still must complete all the clinical requirements of the anesthesia clinical base year. Many requirements are already covered in these internship programs; however, any missing components must be made up while in residency.

Do you sponsor or accept any visas, H1 or J-1?

Yes, we sponsor both H-1b and J-1 visas. We will take care of all the paperwork and fees for residents only. However, if you have children, we will process the paperwork with your packet, but the fees must be covered by the resident and/or parent.

Do you accept international medical graduates (IMGs)?

Yes, we do. It is highly recommended that international medical graduates have clinical experience in the United States. Under certain conditions we accept IMGs into our four-year categorical program. More typically, IMGs apply to our three-year advanced program and must have completed a preliminary/internship in an ACGME-accredited program prior to beginning in our advanced program. This is mostly due to delays in visa processing that can limit start dates. We do offer an additional track called the “flipped” track (1261040C2). This is a categorical track but the residents start in anesthesia (PGY1 year) and then do the intern requirements in the PGY2 year. We have more flexibility with start dates in the anesthesia years, so this arrangement allows us flexibility with potential late starts.

Do you have any United States Medical Licensing Examination® (USMLE) score cutoffs?

We take your full application into consideration. However, we are a very competitive program.

Is there a required minimum for USMLE scores, and is there an attempt limit?

We do not require minimum USMLE scores, but we do prefer you pass on the first attempt on all USMLE steps.

Do I need to have Step 2 clinical skills (CS) in hand to be invited for an interview?


Do I need my Educational Commission for Foreign Medical Graduates (ECFMG) certificate in hand to be invited for an interview?

Not "in hand," but please make sure it is included in your ERAS application.

Do you offer pre-match?

No. All applicants must submit an ERAS application and go through the NRMP to be considered for any position.

Do you accept older graduates (more than 10 years since graduation from medical school)?

We review all applications. We have residents in our program with more than 10 years since graduation date and clinical experience.

Do you offer any additional stipends (beyond standard salary) to help defray the cost of living in Boston?

We are pleased to say, that there is a pilot program underway for the 2020 Match which offers an additional $10,000 /year x 3 years for economically disadvantaged applicants to come to our programs. We encourage you to read the detailed information for prospective applicants on our GME website.

When are interview invitations sent out?

Each application is thoroughly reviewed. Since MSPEs are released on October 1, we do not send out interview invitations before that date. We also do not accept applications after November, as we complete interview invitations by the beginning of November.