Stephen Lynch

Stephen Lynch

  • Director of Innovation Learning Program

Steve Lynch has worked in program development, learning innovation and commercialization leadership roles for over twenty-five years including that of U.S. director of end user training with IBM’s Catapult Software Training subsidiary; chief learning officer with UK-based KMS, a knowledge management software development firm funded by HSBC; director with Dublin-based EMG building interactive learning programs; and as a founding partner with privately-held I/Tech Services, an early stage online content and curriculum developer supplier to the academic marketplace before being acquired in 2005.

Steve additionally has worked as a vice president and New England general manager with CESC, an Albany, NY-based technical and professional services subsidiary of Sun Capital Partners. Steve also served with Boston University as a manager in the Corporate Education Center designing, developing and implementing mission-critical certified project and process management training programs, management development, critical skills and leadership competency programs via a global network of education affiliates in 50 United States and Canadian marketplaces.

Immediately prior to joining the Ambulatory Practice of the Future, Steve was director of learning solutions at Toolwire, Inc., an experiential learning content provider specializing in immersive digital media, virtualization and epistemic gaming that supports some of the world’s largest global software companies, corporate education providers and institutions of higher education.

Steve has a Bachelor of Science in French from Georgetown University, nurtures a passably conversational French and Spanish language speaking capability in addition to having a passion for lifelong learning, linguistic anthropology and etymology. Steve and his bride of 35 years Karen reside in Norwell, MA, and like to spend time outdoors or being on the water whenever fair wind, tide and time permit.

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