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Thriving in college and graduating is about more than a grade point average. Connecting with peers, learning to read a class syllabus, and accessing resources are just as important. This program will help you transition to college and will arm you with the tools you need to succeed. Participants learn about the differences in the structure, as well as the academic and social expectations in high school and college.

The Aspire College Boot Camp program will help to enhance your self-advocacy, time management, organizational skills and become aware of your personal learning and communication style. Participants learn about the differences between the structure, as well as the academic and social expectations between high school and college.

College Boot Camp program features include:

  • Decoding a college syllabus
  • College campus setting
  • How to connect with peers
  • Accessing college resources
  • Awareness of one's learning style
  • Time management
  • Organizational strategies



College Boot Camp is designed for high school juniors and seniors, students doing a gap year, and students making a transition back to college. Participants are Individuals with high cognitive autism spectrum disorder or a related profile. Our participants have the cognitive capacity for solid peer connections but lack the skill set to form these connections.










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