Monday, August 1, 2011

BHI Clinicians Receive Excellence in Action Awards; President Peter Slavin Visits

Excellence in Action awards

Three BHI clinicians recently had the honor of receiving Excellence in Action awards in recognition of their extraordinary commitment to patient care. Awards were presented to Darshan Mehta, MD, Medical Director, Peg Baim, MS, NP, Director of the Relaxation Response Resiliency Program, and Ann Webster, PhD, Director of the Mind Body Program for Cancer.

The Excellence in Action award program was created by Peter L. Slavin, MD, President of MGH, to honor employees for providing exceptional service. Dr. Slavin visited BHI to present the awards and read a letter from a patient who had received care at BHI while undergoing treatment for cancer. The letter finished with the following powerful statement, "I am grateful to be living proof of the reality of the mind-body connection, as it has directly affected my health and I am grateful to [know] how a positive patient-caregiver relationship is in itself healing."  This patient continues to use mind body techniques and today, “her tumor is stable and her present health status is very good,” according to Dr. Mehta.



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