Friday, June 12, 2009

Senior residents win MGH Medical Service Blood Drive Challenge


EXCEEDING EXPECTATIONS: Palamara, left, and Kim Cronin, Donor Services manager

The MGH Blood Donor Center's monthlong Medical Service Blood Drive Challenge, held in honor of the late Allan Moore, MD, founder of the annual competition, came to a close May 31. Moore initiated the competition in 2005 to educate hospital staff on the importance of donating blood. Though he died in an accident last summer, through the challenge, his charisma and generosity live on.

Participating teams earn one point for each whole blood donation and two points for platelet donations. This year, the senior residents took the prize, toppling the nurses' three-year winning streak. The Ellison 21 nursing staff came in second place, while the Ellison 16 nurses took third. Moore had set the goal for 2009 at 500 points. Participants exceeded the mark, bringing in a total of 520 points -- a 23 percent increase from 2008. The drive also attracted a record number of 65 platelet donations.

The senior residents, who graduate July 12, will hold a party to celebrate their win. "The support and participation of the medical service teams this year was overwhelming," says Kerri Palamara, MD, captain of the senior resident team. "It was so wonderful to see colleagues come together for a great cause and honor the memory of Allan."

While the Medical Service Blood Drive Challenge is one of the Blood Donor Center's most competitive challenges, it is also one of its most important. The drive helps build the center's blood supply for the summer months, when blood donations are typically lower. To address the decrease, the center will be holding several promotions and raffles. Blood donors can enter to win a variety of prizes such as a vacation package to Sandwich, Mass.

For more information or to schedule an appointment, contact the MGH Blood Donor Center at 617-726-8165.

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