Friday, June 24, 2011

Fellows win Medical Service Challenge

Friendly competition: From left, Eleanor Lin, MD, of the Fellowship Program Team; Ellen Hansbury, RN, of the Yawkey 9 East Team; Nancy Wei, MD, of the Fellowship Program Team; and Honor O'Hara, of the Yawkey 9 East Team

The Fellowship Program Team edged out the Yawkey 9 East Team by half a percentage point to win first place in the 2011 Medical Service Challenge hosted by the MGH Blood Donor Center. During the month-long blood drive, which is held annually in May, 30 teams of employees from across the hospital competed to increase donations at the center. At the end of the month, the team with the highest percentage of donors – the Fellowship Program Team – was declared the winner with 83.8 percent of its members donating. The top team received a karaoke party, while the second-place team earned a pool party. In addition to tracking participation rates, the number of donations was measured through a point system, with teams earning one point for each blood donation and two points for each platelet donation. This year the challenge brought in a total of 474 points.

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