Directors' Welcome

Thank you for choosing the Henry and Allison McCance Center for Brain Health!

We founded the Henry and Allison McCance Center for Brain Health in order to provide patients with innovative multidisciplinary care devoted to preventing brain disease and preserving brain function over the lifespan. Jointly led by a neurologist, neuroscientist and psychiatrist, our team draws on all the fields of expertise that can inform care of the brain and its nervous system. Our care team includes physicians, psychologists, nurses, nutritionists, therapists, integrative medicine specialists, and health coaches, all of whom are guided by the latest cutting-edge research conducted by investigators here at Mass General and throughout the world. A crucial focus of our approach is lifestyle choice as it is these choices such as exercise, diet, and stress reduction that can have a substantial impact on our brain health and on our performance as we grow and age.

The Lifespan Approach

Patients treated at the McCance Center are invited to follow-up with us across the lifespan. Our brain health needs change as we age, so too do the lifestyle choices that best serve us. At the McCance Center we attend to these changing needs, re-evaluating and adapting our recommendations over time.

A Research Partnership

Based at the nation’s #1 research hospital, we invite all of our patients to become partners in our research mission, which is to identify treatments that prevent brain disease before it strikes and promote brain health across the lifespan. Patients who choose to participate in research become part of our longitudinal study of brain health. They are encouraged to enroll in our Biobank and are offered the opportunity to participate in clinical trials of new treatments and new technologies. The McCance Center and our collaborators from around the world are conducting innovative research with the ultimate goal of reducing the global toll of brain disease and enhancing the brain health of the population.

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