The Story Project

The Cancer Center’s Story Project is an effort to capture stories from our community of patients, friends, family, clinicians, and staff who have been affected by cancer in some way.
    Robbie Hutchison and John Hartley.
    Robbie Hutchison and John Hartley.
    Robbie Hutchison and John Hartley.

    Everyone has a story to tell.

    The Story Project is our effort to capture the stories from the people in our Mass General Cancer Center community: patients, friends, family, clinicians, and staff who have been affected by cancer in some way. Our hope is that people will benefit from sharing their stories and from reading other’s stories. View our newest stories:

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    Nicole Laurino, RN

    “At the end of the day, Mass General as a whole really stepped up. Every floor, every healthcare worker, whether it be clinical or non-clinical, took on a new role and did it so well."

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    Maggie Joyce, RN

    “I think why my feelings have changed in a positive way is because I’ve been calling many of the same patients for the last nine or so weeks. I am building some kind of relationship with them.”

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    Maryann Fitzgerald & Dr. Justin Jordan

    “I know when [Dr. Jordan] talks about others who have gone through this, he knows we are all different. He treats me as an individual, as if I’m the first person to ever have a brain tumor."

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    Nikki Schindler & Family

    “You can make a difference if you want to make a difference, Nikki taught me that. She knows what she's been through."

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    Jerry Remy

    "Cancer has opened up a whole new door to something I was never open with in the past - sharing my personal life."

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    Diana Masood & Family

    "Diana is always the first one to the party and the last one to leave. She doesn’t stop going. Even now."

    I’ve learned that life is too short and there’s so much we can offer one another.

    Iris Martinez

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    Thank you to all of our patients, families and staff who have shared their stories with us. Our hope is that these stories provide insight into a person’s cancer experience, while also offering inspiration and support to others.

    Browse all Story Project stories:

    Bile duct cancer: Geri Keegan

    Bone cancer: Trudi Fondren | Anthony & Nina Schifone

    Bone marrow transplant: Robbie Hutchison & John Hartley | Laura Melancon

    Breast cancer: Dianne Austin | William & Kathy BlakeAnne Bunn | Lauren Corduck & Bob CoopersteinRobbie Hutchison & John Hartley | Allison John | Stefanie London & Jonathan Reich | Michelle Wong

    Esophageal cancer: Bob O'Mara

    Lung cancer: Linnea Olson | Allison & Rich Orpen | Jay PetriJerry Remy | Anthony & Nina Schifone

    Lymphoma: Eve BarkinLaura Melancon

    Melanoma: Linda & John Grosslein | Elana Schwam

    Multiple myeloma: Robbie Hutchison & John Hartley | Bill McKay | Robert McLean | Jean Moore

    Neuro-oncology: Maryann Fitzgerald & Dr. Justin Jordan | Anthony & Nina Schifone | Nikki Schindler & family | Jordan Weil

    Ovarian cancer: Lauren Corduck & Bob CoopersteinDiana Masood & family | Iris Martinez | Kimberly Zukerberg

    Prostate cancer: William & Kathy Blake | Walter Richard Ristow

    Psychiatric oncology: Amy Corvelyn, MSW  | Stefanie London & Jonathan Reich

    Staff: Natasha Barthe | Amy Corvelyn, MSW | Trudi Fondren | Maggie Joyce, RNDennis Lynch | Nicole Laurino, RNLaura Melancon | Kerri Molloy | Mac Moore | Cat Neville | Esther O'Dette, RNBob O'Mara

    More stories: Karen Coveney | Kathryn Goettsch | William Santoro


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