About Jason Sargent

Specialty: Oncology Massage Therapy, Traditional Thai Massage
Education/Training: 1999 – Graduated from the Muscular Therapy Institute
Certification: LMT, NCBTMB Board Certified, AMTA, Oncology Massage Therapy, Traditional Thai Massage
Years at MGHCC: Since 2013

What drew you to your specialty? Helping people feel better.

Favorite part of your job: My favorite part of my job is being able to bring peace and comfort to a patient, even if it's for a few brief moments.

What you’d like to tell patients/family members about integrative therapies/your specialty: I feel extremely privileged to be part of such an extraordinary team of health care practitioners in the Katherine A. Gallagher Integrative Therapies Program. As one of the massage therapists, I am honored to use one of the most powerful means of healing, human touch.

Departments, Centers & Programs: