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The Mass General Cancer Center is excited to launch its second season of public service announcements on 98.5 The Sports Hub for the duration of the 2016-17 New England Patriots season. Go Pats!

Overview and Current PSAs

Starting in September with the Patriots’ opening game, and as a part of our arrangement, we began airing public service announcements that broadcast throughout every Patriots’ game, and during regular programming on 98.5 The Sports Hub for the duration of the 2016-2017 season. The public service announcements feature our clinicians talking about specific cancer awareness months and the progress being made in cancer care and research.

Keep an ear out for our radio spots as you listen to the games and weekday programming on 98.5 The Sports Hub!


This month, Dror Michaelson, MD, PhD, clinical director of the Center for Genitourinary Cancers, shares why excellence in teaching leads to excellence in future care. Erika Rosato, nurse director of the Cancer Center’s Infusion Unit and the Termeer Center for Targeted Therapies shares her insights on the exceptional commitment of our oncology nurses.

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Past PSAs


Dr. Jonathan Jackson from the Lazarex-MGH Cancer Care Equity Program reminded us that February was Black History Month, and that nothing is more important than your health and the health of your loved ones.

January & December

Dr. David Ryan sent a message of hope, saying that great progress is being made in research and therapies for people facing cancer diagnoses.


November was lung cancer awareness month. Dr. Lecia Sequist talked about how advances in screening, early detection, targeted therapies, and immunotherapies have increased hope for lung cancer patients.


During October, breast cancer awareness month, Dr. Connie Lehman and Dr. Jeffrey Peppercorn talked about the importance of routine breast screenings and early diagnosis in treating breast cancer. Dr. Lehman also reminded women that if they're due for a mammogram, to visit to make an appointment.


In September – ovarian cancer awareness month - Dr. Don S. Dizon reminded listeners to be aware of the warning signs of ovarian cancer. Dr. David Ryan also sent a message of hope, saying that great progress is being made in research and therapies for people facing cancer diagnoses.

  • Don S. Dizon, MD

    Co-Clinical Director, Center for Gynecologic Oncology

    Dr. Don S. Dizon reminded us that while there are no specific warning symptoms of ovarian cancer, warning signs include bloating, pelvic pain and urinary symptoms. Timely diagnosis is important so women should talk with their doctors if they’re concerned, especially if symptoms persist.

    Listen to Dr. Dizon's PSA
  • David P. Ryan, MD

    Chief, Hematology/Oncology
    Clinical Director, Mass General Cancer Center

    Dr. David Ryan reminded us that although cancer is complex, clinicians and researchers at the Mass General Cancer Center are committed to making advancements in treatment options like clinical trialstargeted therapies and immunotherapies to better care for patients.

    Listen to Dr. Ryan's PSA

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Everyday Amazing Healthcare Professionals

Each week, a member from the Mass General Cancer Center team will be named the Everyday Amazing Healthcare Professional of the game! Check back to see who was honored and listen to the 98.5 radio spots. Go Pats!

Super Bowl LI

Patriots: 34, Falcons: 28

Congratulations to our ENTIRE team of clinicians, researchers and staff who are 98.5 The Sports Hub's #EverydayAmazing healthcare professionals of Super Bowl LI!

Listen to the Super Bowl radio spot

Hugo Lopez
Listen to Hugo's radio spot

AFC Championship: 1/22/17
Patriots: 36, Steelers: 17

Justin Gainor, MD
Listen to Dr. Gainor's radio spot

AFC Divisional Round: 1/14/17
Patriots: 34, Texans: 16

David Ting, MD
Listen to Dr. Ting's radio spot

Game 16: 1/1/17
Patriots: 35, Dolphins: 14

Rachel Hepp
Listen to Rachel's radio spot

Game 15: 12/24/16
Patriots: 41, Jets: 3

Honor O'Hara
Listen to Honor's radio spot

Game 14: 12/18/16
Patriots: 16, Broncos: 3

William Kastrinakis, MD
Listen to Dr. Kastrinakis's radio spot

Game 13: 12/12/16
Patriots: 30, Ravens: 23

Karen Doppke, MS, DABR
Listen to Karen's radio spot

Game 12: 12/4/16
Patriots: 26, Rams: 10

Lisa Arcikowski, NP
Listen to Lisa's radio spot

Game 11: 11/27/16
Patriots: 22, Jets: 17

Jill Allen, MD
Listen to Dr. Allen's radio spot

Game 10: 11/20/16
Patriots: 30, 49ers: 17

Jessica P. Driscoll, NP
Listen to Jessica's radio spot

Game 9: 11/13/16
Patriots: 24, Seahawks: 31

Carl Frithsen, RN
Listen to Carl's radio spot

Game 8: 10/30/16
Patriots: 41, Bills: 25

Nicolette McDonnell, NP
Listen to Nicolette's radio spot

Game 7: 10/23/16
Patriots: 27, Steelers: 16

Panagiotis Fidias, MD
Listen to Dr. Fidias's radio spot

Game 6: 10/16/16
Patriots: 35, Bengals: 17

Sean Mullally, MD
Listen to Dr. Mullally's radio spot

Game 5: 10/9/16
Patriots: 33, Browns: 13

Philip C. Amrein, MD
Listen to Dr. Amrein's radio spot

Game 4: 10/2/16
Patriots: 0, Bills: 16

Priscilla Brastianos, MD
Listen to Dr. Brastianos's radio spot

Game 3: 9/22/16
Patriots: 27, Texans: 0

Cheryl Brunelle, PT, MS
Listen to Cheryl's radio spot

Game 2: 9/18/16
Patriots: 31, Dolphins: 24

Ryan Corcoran, MD, PhD
Listen to Dr. Corcoran's radio spot

Game 1: 9/11/16
Patriots: 23, Cardinals: 21

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