Everyone has a story to tell.

The Story Project is our effort to capture the stories from the people in our Mass General Cancer Center community: patients, friends, family, clinicians, and staff who have been affected by cancer in some way. Our hope is that people will benefit from sharing their stories and from reading other’s stories.

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Lauren Corduck and Bob Cooperstein

"The Cancer Center helped me make meaning out of this nightmare that happened and helped me find purpose around it through Oneinforty."
Read Lauren and Bob's Story

Amy Corveleyn, MSW

"Don’t suffer in silence. If you think that someone you love who has mental illness may also have cancer, or if they’ve been diagnosed with cancer and you feel like mental illness is preventing them from getting the treatment that they need, then reach out." Read Amy's Story

Geri Keegan

"My cancer is the green ribbon in cancer so I have green hair to raise awareness. I am a green warrior." Read Geri's Story

Stefanie London and Jonathan Reich

"When I feel like I can’t do something, when my depressive thoughts come, I remember that I had chemo and I got through that. I kept going."
Read Stefanie and Jonathan's Story

Michelle Wong

"If you’re still and you listen, there’s this innate wisdom within every cell of your body and your entire being that supports you and holds you up." Read Michelle's Story


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