Friday, July 1, 2011

Breakthroughs from ASCO

When researchers from the Cancer Center presented at this year’s American Society of Clinical Oncology (ASCO) Annual Meeting, the cancer community took notice. Intriguing new findings are offering insight into cancer risk and progression, and suggesting new, better methods of prevention and treatment. Here are some of the Cancer Center’s biggest breakthroughs announced at the 2011 ASCO Annual Meeting:

Coverage of presentation and study led by Mass General physician Paul Goss

  • Hormone-blocking drug found to cut breast cancer risk– Boston Globe
  • Drug can reduce risk of breast cancer, study says– New York Times 
  • Hormone-blocking drug reduces breast cancer risk– Associated Press 
  • Pfizer’s Aromasin blocks breast cancer in healthy, at-risk women in study– Bloomberg News 
  • Aromasin cuts risk of breast cancer in some groups– Reuters 
  • Aromasin reduced breast cancer risk in postmenopausal women– HealthDay News
  • Drug that treats breast cancer found to prevent it, too–
  • Breast cancer drug with fewer side effects found to cut risk of tumors– Los Angeles Times
  • Drug may reduce breast cancer risk by half– United Press International
  • ASCO: Exemestane scores for primary prevention of breast cancer– MedPage Today 
  • Exemestane – A new option for breast cancer prevention– Medscape News 
  • Drug slashes cases of breast cancer in high-risk groups: Trial– Postmedia News/
  • Breast cancer drug with fewer side effects found to cut risk of tumors– The China Post
  • 'Statins' for cancer could prevent many breast cancers– New Scientist quotes Mass General investigator Paul Goss 
  • ASCO Updates– Cure Today mentions meeting presentation by Mass General physician Paul Goss
  • Breast cancer study: Drug reduces risk by 65 percent– WFXT-TV, Ch. 25 video report features Mass General physician Paul Goss 

Coverage of presentation by Mass General investigator Alice Shaw

  • Study: Pfizer lung cancer pill may double survival– Associated Press
  • Lung cancer drug crizotinib sharply increases survival in patients with a specific gene mutation– Los Angeles Times
  • New research signals major shift in cancer drugs– Chicago Breaking Business/Wall Street Journal mentions both Goss and Shaw presentations

Coverage of other ASCO presentations

  • ASCO: Multiple Myeloma antibody Tx waits in wings– MedPage Today coverage of presentation by Mass General investigator Noopur Raje
  • Melanoma drug combo shows promise in early trial– Science Now quotes Mass General investigator Keith Flaherty
  • ASCO: Biologic duo comes with OK toxicity in Ovarian cancer– MedPage Today quotes Mass General physician Michael Birrer
  • Phase 1 personalized therapy trials up response and survival– Medscape News mentions Mass General Cancer Center's genetic profiling program
  • Targeted drugs aid in cancer treatment– Boston Globe quotes Mass General Cancer Center patient, physician John Iafrate, and mentions meeting presentation by physician Alice Shaw
  • ASCO: Ovarian cancer recurrence yields to PARP inhibitor– MedPage Today coverage of meeting presentation by Mass General investigator Richard Penson

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