Friday, December 2, 2011

Bicentennial Corner


"Many ‘keen minds’ have worked toward a better understanding of disease to enable improved diagnosis and treatment. Indeed, the history of pathology at the MGH has witnessed many events, discoveries, and remarkable individuals.”

The year is 1909. The MGH Pathology laboratory is considered so cutting-edge that when medical societies meet in Boston, physicians tour the department in order to model future labs after it. A black and white photo of this lab is featured on the cover of Keen Minds to Explore the Dark Continents of Disease: A History of the Pathology Services at the Massachusetts General Hospital. Its story is one of hundreds that fill the 25 chapters of the 411-page book, which includes 200 photographs.

“This is a detailed account of the history of the department, but it is also a general history of the field of pathology and a unique view of the history of the MGH,” says David Louis, MD, chief of Pathology, who co-authored the book with Robert Young, MD, MGH pathologist. Louis says the book demonstrates how vastly things have changed over the years – today, nearly 800 employees perform more than 10 million clinical laboratory tests annually.

Keen Minds is available for purchase through Pathology.

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