Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Q&A: Taking on the Challenges of Imaging Prostate Cancer – Diagnostic Imaging

Interview includes MGH physician Mukesh Harisinghani


A new program is now being used at several sites to analyze MRI data with the goal of making test results easier to read and enabling physicians to pinpoint where a malignancy may be located in the prostate. By automatically generating visually intuitive colorized images that represent complex pharmacokinetic information and then overlaying it onto MRI images, physicians may be able to identify prostate cancers more accurately and with greater confidence.

In this Q&A, radiology and imaging specialists Mukesh Harisinghani, MD, Frank Miller, MD, and David Casalino, MD, discuss this advanced image analysis technology, and the role of prostate MRI in cancer detection, localization, staging, treatment planning and serial monitoring.


Online News Report: Diagnostic Imaging

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