Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Mass General Cancer Center Priorities Fund Advances Research that Will Help Patients

Mass General’s goal is to encourage and support research and programs that will make a difference in lives of patients. With that in mind, the Mass General Cancer Center created the Priorities Fund to seed funding for laboratory research, clinician-led studies and new patient support and wellness initiatives.

In 2012, funds were allocated to:

  • Purchase a confocal microscope system that will allow researchers to track molecules in living cells so they can understand differences between healthy cells and tumor cells and identity targets for cancer therapy
  • Accelerate clinician-scientists’ ability to develop personalized treatments for cancer through research on developing more targeted drugs
  • Support first-in-human clinical trials so patients benefit from research findings more quickly
  • Support patient programs including an effort to expand the library of information on new treatments and clinical trials available to patients, and a faith-based initiative to educate African-American families about breast cancer to reduce the higher rates of death from the disease that African-American women face

To make a donation to the MGH Cancer Center’s unrestricted fund, click here.

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