Friday, March 25, 2016

Partners event will gather international cancer leaders

CANCER CARE: Leaders at last year's forum

Partners HealthCare has announced that the focus of the second annual World Medical Innovation Forum will be the global economics of cancer care. The 2016 forum – a collaboration and partnering event held in Boston on April 25-27 at the Westin Copley Hotel – will bring together health care leaders, CEOs and senior company executives, top investors and policy experts for sessions aimed at critically examining the changing economic cancer care landscape.

“Cancer is a major cause of death worldwide,” says Daniel Haber, MD, PhD, director of the MGH Cancer Center and co-chair of this year’s event. “Developing new means of treating and diagnosing cancer requires an active collaboration between clinicians, scientists, companies and investors to identify and address patient needs. The outcomes of this cooperation will ultimately affect the lives of patients worldwide.”

Over the three days, the 2016 forum will highlight emerging cancer innovations in immunotherapy, epigenetics, early diagnosis, combination therapies, as well as curative drugs, the role of patients in innovation, cancer as a chronic disease and investment strategies.

The World Medical Innovation Forum was established to respond to the intensifying transformation of health care and its impact on innovation. The Forum is rooted in the belief that no matter the magnitude of that change, the center of health care needs to be a shared, fundamental commitment to collaborative innovation, with industry and academia working together to improve patients’ lives.

“The breadth of topics that will be covered and the commitment to interdisciplinary engagement from international leaders across academia, finance, industry and public policy makes the forum an unrivaled, must-attend event,” says Chris Coburn, vice president for Partners Innovation and conference organizer.

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