Center for Molecular Therapeutics

The Center for Molecular Therapeutics is actively investigating better ways to match individual cancer patients with particular targeted drug therapies in order to maximize the likelihood of a clinical response.


The broad objective of this Center's research is to identify molecular genetic features of a tumor that predict responsiveness to the various small molecule targeted therapies that have either recently been developed or are in early clinical development. Some of these drugs have been found to be highly effective in inducing remissions in a fraction of treated patients, and it is becoming increasingly clear that molecular features, or "biomarkers," that correlate with drug-responsiveness can be identified in these patients. Such findings can be of great value in designing clinical trials of new cancer drugs as well as in optimizing the clinical benefit of approved drugs.


Genomics of Drug Sensitivity (GDS)

The Genomics of Drug Sensitivity (GDS) Project is part of a unique 5-year collaboration between The Cancer Genome Project at the Wellcome Trust Sanger Institute (UK) and the Center for Molecular Therapeutics, Massachusetts General Hospital Cancer Center. The Center for Molecular Therapeutics has pioneered the use of high-throughput platforms for examining the relationship between tumor cell genomics and sensitivity to anti-cancer agents. The Cancer Genome Project has led the way in the systematic analysis of cancer genomes to identify genes critical in the development of human cancers. This collaboration will develop and integrate the expertise at both sites toward the goal of identifying cancer biomarkers that can be used to identify genetically defined subsets of patients most likely to respond to targeted therapies.


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Group Members

Cyril Benes, PhD

Scientific Advisory Board

Research Team

Research Fellows

  • Arnaud Amzallag, PhD
  • Anahita Dastur, PhD
  • Li Chen, PhD

Research Technical Team

  • Leah Damon 
  • Regina Egan
  • Patricia Greninger
  • Ryan March
  • Joe McClanaghan
  • Xeni Mitropoulos

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