Immune Monitoring Laboratory

The mission of the Immune Monitoring Laboratory is to provide comprehensive immune monitoring that is of high quality, innovative, and enables translational research of immune-based therapies.


The Immune Monitoring Laboratory is an essential and integral part of the Cellular Immunotherapy Program.

The laboratory provides expertise to enable translational clinical studies of immune-based therapies, based on the highest standard operating systems. Assays are executed by a team of experts specializing in immune profiles of disease and analysis of immune testing and response. A cancer immune monitoring platform provides the equivalent of immune system pharmacokinetics and pharmacodynamics, in addition to providing mechanistic data on patterns of toxicity, resistance, and efficacy.

Research Positions

The Immune Monitoring Laboratory is currently recruiting for the following position:

Director, PhD-level Scientist with expertise in immunology

For more information and to apply, please click here.

Laboratory Assays

Assays performed by the Immune Monitoring Laboratory:

  • PBMC/MMC processing/storage
  • Serum processing/Storage
  • Luminex analysis-30plex
  • Multiparametric Flow-based immunophenotyping
  • Flow-based functionalitiy
  • RNA isolation, cDNA synthesis
  • DNA isolation

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