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Last year, more than 3,300 people participated in clinical trials at the Cancer Center, leading to new knowledge and breakthrough therapies.

Our clinical trials offer access to tomorrow's therapies today.

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Progress in Immunotherapy

Thanks to the hard work of researchers, we're getting smarter about cancer. Right now, we're finding ways to use the body's own immune system to manipulate genes to solve cancer's puzzle.

The Mass General Cancer is proud to be an authorized treatment center for two FDA approved CAR T-cell therapies for adult patients with lymphoma. Where, before, patients were given little or no hope, now there is real and meaningful scientific progress. Learn more.

Today it's lymphoma and CAR-T therapy. Tomorrow? We think big so you can dream big.

Kiss 108 FM’s Billy Costa talks with four experts from the Mass General Cancer Center to learn about what CAR T-Cell Therapy is and what impact it has on both patients and the medical community. More Videos

Progress in Targeted Cancer Care

Eradicating cancer takes commitment and creativity. We have both. Commitment to explore novel combinations of therapies. Creativity to collaborate, apply learnings, and advance treatment options.

Our Targeted Cancer Care website serves as a resource for patients, health care providers, researchers and others who wish to learn about the rapidly advancing field of targeted cancer therapy. See our targeted therapy trials.


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