Video Report: Stop Sunbathing and Using Tanning Beds

  • Fox WFXT-TV, Ch. 25

    July 30, 2014 Video interview with David Fisher, MD, PhD discussing the dangers of tanning and providing prevention tips.

MGH Researchers Discover UV Radiation May Be Addictive

  • WBZ TV Boston: Video

    July 9, 2014: Watch a Video interview as Dr. Mallicka Marshall interviews David Fisher, MD, PhD regarding the results of a new MGH Study that indicates that Ultraviolet Radiation (UV) may be addictive.

Why is sunning like addiction? Study could explain

  • NBC Today Show: Video

    June 20, 2014: NBC Today Show: Watch a video interview with David E. Fisher, MD, PhD, discussing a new study linked to tanning. Seeking that sun-kissed look may be akin to addiction. In a study, mice that received a week of sun exposure had higher levels of endorphins, chemicals known to create a pleasant feeling in humans.

Addicted to tanning? Sunshine really can act like a drug, study finds

  • CBS News Video Report

    June 20, 2014 Dr. Elizabeth Hale from New York discusses the importance of the study that was led by Dr. Fisher, Chief of Dermatology at Mass General.

Indoor Tanning: The Link to Melanoma is No Longer Deniable

  • Skin Cancer Foundation: Melanoma Winter Newsletter 2013

    Feb 2014: Melanoma Winter Letter. Dr. David Fisher along with Drs. Elena Hawryluk and Alan Geller summarize the research published over the past two decades that provides compelling evidence of tanning's link to melanoma and other skin cancers.

Gian-Paolo Dotto, MD, PhD elected to the prestigious German National Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina

  • Leopoldina News

    1/2014: The Cutaneous Biology Research Center congratulates Principal Investigator, Gian-Paolo Dotto, MD, PhD for being elected to The German National Academy of Sciences, Leopoldina whose mission is dedicated to the advancement of science for the benefit of humankind and to the goal of shaping a better future.

Melanoma Deaths More Likely in Young Men than Women

  • LiveScience.Com

    6/26/2013 David Fisher, MD, PhD discusses a new skin cancer study that reveals striking disparities between men and women in terms of survival.

Why You Have to Scratch That Itch

  • NPR.Org Health News

    Read and listen to an interview with Ethan Lerner, MD, PhD Associate Professor of Dermatology at Harvard Medical School and Biologist at CBRC discusses new clues as to why we itch.

Red Hair Pigment Linked to Skin Cancer

  • Boston Magazine

    May 9, 2013. Article discussing research from the lab of Dr. David E. Fisher, discusses inherent risk for redheads to skin cancer and stresses the importance of UV protection.

Red Hair Pigment Might Raise Melanoma Risk: Study

  • Healthday

    May 9, 2013 Coverage of research led by David E. Fisher, MD, PhD. Dermatologists say redheads must take extra care to check skin, avoid sun.

Redheads are at increased risk of skin cancer even if they DON'T spend time in the sun –

  • Daily Mail (UK)

    May 9, 2013: New research led by David Fisher, MD, PhD, suggests that red heads are more prone to skin cancer even if they don't spend time out in the sun.

1 in 4 Skin Cancer Survivors Skips Sunscreen

  • NBC News Story

    March 9, 2013: Article quotes David Fisher, MD, PhD about this surprising data regarding cancer survivors and the use of sunscreen.

Some Melanoma Survivors Forgo Sunscreen, Still Tan

  • Medscape News

    March 9, 2013 Article quotes David Fisher, MD, PhD's regarding this new study. The need for ultraviolet light shining on the skin could be "an evolutionarily encoded response"

Boston Researchers Discover Mutations that Underlie Melanoma in 'Junk DNA'

  • Boston Globe

    January 25 2013: David Fisher, MD, PhD explains the importance of this research.

BRAF Inhibitor Treatment Causes Melanoma Cells to Shift How They Produce Energy

  • Mass General News Release

    March 08, 2013: David Fisher, MD, PhD comments on the results of a new multi-institutional study; identifying mechanism behind treatment resistance suggests possible strategy for improvement

New Insights on Itchiness as Specific Nerve Cells are Identified

  • New York Times: Science

    January 7, 2013: Ethan Lerner, MD, PhD, from the Cutaneous Biology Research Center shares insights on itchiness.

Redheads Increased Melanoma Risk May Be in Their Genes, Not Sun Exposure

  • Daily Dose:

    Nov. 1, 2012 Coverage of a study led by David Fisher, MD, PhD, Chief of Dermatology at Massachusetts General Hospital and Director of The Cutaneous Biology Research Center (CBRC).

Redheaded Pigment Boosts Skin Cancer Risk

  • Nature News

    October 31, 2012 Nature News: David Fisher, MD PhD, discusses research highlights from a study that he led suggesting that the redheaded pigment boosts the risk for melanoma--independent of ultraviolet radiation. An interview podcast is also available at this link.

Redheads May Be at Higher Risk of Melanoma Even Without the Sun

  • Los Angeles Times

    October 31, 2011 A study led by David Fisher, MD, PhD, suggests that the pigment that causes hair to be red may be a trigger for increased risk of melanoma.

It's Not Just Their Fair Complexions

  • Glamour Magazine

    Nov. 1, 2012 It's not just their fair complexions- new research sheds light on why redheads are more prone to skin cancer. Coverage of a study published in "Journal of Nature" that was led by David Fisher, MD, PhD, Chief of the Department of Dermatology at Mass General Hospital.

Is Tanning Addictive?

  • NECN Video: The Tedaldi Treatment: Is Tanning Addictive

    5/3/2012 NECN News Video: The Tedaldi Treatment: Is Tanning Addictive? David Fisher, MD PhD, Chief at Mass General's Department of Dermatology and the Cancer Center's Melanoma Program discusses why humans are addicted to tanning and the rise in Melanoma.

Benefit Concert to Support the Vietnam Vascular Anomalies Center

  • Learn more about the Concert

    12/3/2011: Join us for a beautiful evening of classical music with world renowned musicians, cocktails, dinner, and a silent auction. Date. Saturday, December 3rd at 6pm. Where: The Goethe- Institut, 170 Beacon Street, Boston, MA. 100% of proceeds go to the Vietnam Anomalies Vascular Center

Newly Identified Gene Mutation Adds to Melanoma Risk

  • Press Release

    11/13/2011: David Fisher, MD, PhD, Director of Cutaneous Biology Research Center is a lead co-senior author of an article in Nature. Findings suggest how oncogene increases risk of deadly tumor, may lead to better treatment

Gian-Paolo Dotto, PhD Joins the Prestigious Circle of EMBO

  • Prestigious Circle of EMBO

    10/20/2011: The Cutaneous Biology Research Center congratulates Principal Investigator, Gian-Paolo Dotto, PhD for being one of 46 outstanding life scientists elected to join the prestigious circle of the European Molecular Biology Organization.

Pepper Plant Compound Targets Cancer Cells

  • Compound Targets Cancer Cells

    07/13/2011: White Coat Notes/ Coverage of study co-authored by Mass General and Cutaneous Biology Research Center Investigators Sam Lee and Anna Mandinova.

Is Sunlight Addictive?

  • Harvard Publications

    07/13/2011: Harvard Health Publications quotes David Fisher, MD, PhD, Chief of Dermatology at Harvard affliated Mass General Hospital.


  • Chronicle: WCVB-TV

    5/20/2011 WCVB-TV Boston:Chronicle Watch a video featuring Mass General Cancer Center physicians Don Lawrence, David Fisher, and Jenifer Wargo along with patient's stories.

Hidden Melanomas Increasing, Doctors Say

  • Channel % WCVB-TV Boston

    5/10/2011 WCVB-TV Channel 5 Boston: Watch this video report with comments by Mass General's Chief of Dermatology, David Fisher, MD, PhD on the importance of early detection of melanomas.

Teens Should be Banned From Tanning Booths

  • CNN Health

    2/28/2011 CNN quotes Dr. David Fisher, Chief of Dermatology at Mass General regarding the risks for teens using tanning booths.

MGH Concert Benefits Free Clinic in Vietnam

  • Press Release Benefits Concert

    1/14/2011 MGH Hotline 01.14.11 STRAINS OF SAINT-SAËNS, Bruch and Beethoven filled the Goethe Institut Boston on Dec. 4, as the MGH Department of Dermatology hosted a benefit gala and concert to raise funds for the Vascular Anomalies Center in Vietnam.

Molecular Clue to Sunless Tanning Found

  • White Coat News

    10/14/2010 White Coat Notes/ Boston skin cancer researchers may have found the key to truly sunless tanning. Coverage of a study led by David Fisher, MD, PhD.

Molecular Switch Controls Melanin Production, May Allow for True Sunless Tanning

  • Press Release

    10/12/2010 Discovery of a molecular switch that turns off the natural process of skin pigmentation may lead to a novel way of protecting the skin – activating the tanning process without exposure to cancer-causing UV radiation.

Ask An Expert About Melanoma

  • New York Times Consults

    9/10/2010 Consultis by the New York Times: Read Dr. David Fisher's answers to readers about melanoma. Dr. Fisher is Chief of Dermatology and Director of the Melanoma Program at Mass. General Hospital at Harvard Medical School.

There's No Safe Tan

  • Mass General News Article

    5/14/2010 Thinking about heading to an indoor tanning salon this spring? An expert from Mass General’s Department of Dermatology says “think again.

Local Doc to Testify Against Tanning

  • Watch a news video

    3/25/2010 WCVB-TV Boston, Channel 5 Watch a clip of Dr. David Fisher on ABC News.