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An environmental approach to obesity

CCHI takes an environmental approach to the challenge of overweight and obesity, in which communities organize to change the conditions that lead to unhealthy behaviors. Specifically, the Revere CARES' Revere on the Move is working to increase access to healthy, affordable food (such as through farmers' markets, community gardens, supermarket campaigns, and school food policy) and to improve opportunities for physical activity (such as walking to school, bike and walking paths, and playgrounds), while also reducing hunger.

In Chelsea, a three-year 2010 ACHIEVE grant from the U.S. Centers for Disease Control helped to catalyze the Healthy Chelsea Coalition. The Coalition, comprised of more than 50 community leaders and residents, emphasizes long-term, systemic and environmental approaches to change underlying conditions in Chelsea so that healthy eating and active living will become community norms. Current priorities include: adding physical activity into the classroom time-on-learning at the Elementary level; increasing the volume of healthy foods that are selected and consumed by students during School Lunch; a close partnership with the City's Planning and Development Department to support intrastructure changes such as park renovations, park installations, traffic calming measures, and road, sidewalk, and intersection redesigns; collaborating with the Board of Health on the passage and implementation of Chelsea's artificial trans fat regulation.

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