Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Charlestown Patch: Why Should You Participate in the Community Health Assessment?

There will be a public meeting on Thursday to kickoff the community health assessment, sponsored by the MGH Center for Community Health Improvement and Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital, and coordinated, in part, by the Charlestown Substance Abuse Coalition. 

The following is the second in a series of interviews with community leaders in Charlestown who will discuss the Community Health Assessment. This interview is with Leigh Hurd, co-president of the Charlestown Mothers Association. (The interview was submitted to Patch by organizers of the health assessment.)

Why are you participating in the Charlestown Community Health Assessment? 

This is such a unique opportunity to really get the pulse of the entire community. In my first committee meeting, I was amazed and impressed by the concerns raised by other committee members. So, to me, this is an opportunity to not only voice our opinion, but also one for us to learn about what concerns our neighbors too. 

What is exciting about this process and how will this assessment benefit the Mothers Association? 

Our membership demographics have changed so dramatically in the last five years, as more families choose to stay and raise a family here. Whereas in the past, our average age was under 2 years old, that age has now climbed to 5 years old. This means choice, access and education about health for the community and our families are more important than ever.   

Why should residents participate in the Community Forum?

Because everyone's input matters! The more comprehensive and inclusive this process is, the more meaningful the results will be not only for MGH and Spaulding, but for all of us who live here.

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