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Assessment process to identify Quality of Life issues in Revere

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Assessment process to identify Quality of Life issues in Revere

REVERE February 13, 2012— Revere residents will have their chance to address their concerns about the city’s overall health by participating in the Community Health Assessment just launched by the City of Revere, MGH and an expanded Revere CARES Steering Group.

Revere Mayor Dan Rizzo urged Revere residents to participate in the assessment. “We want to know what you think about life in this city. Now is the time for Revere residents to have their say about the quality of life issues they care most about,” the Mayor said.

Kitty Bowman, director of the Revere CARES coalition describes the process: “Over the next six months, we will work with the community to review data and talk with people to be sure we are addressing the public health issues that matter most to them.”

For 17 years the MGH has conducted health assessments in partnership with Revere, mostly through Revere CARES,  and now the new federal health care act requires all nonprofit hospitals to do community health assessments every three years. The goal of the health assessments is to produce a comprehensive picture of Revere’s overall health and a plan to improve it, taking into consideration the social determinants of health-- those economic and social conditions under which people live which determine health. The assessment process aims to answer the questions “What is the quality of life in our community?” and “What are the most important health factors affecting Revere residents today?”

Revere residents can tell the assessment’s sponsors what is important to them by completing a Quality of Life survey beginning soon. Residents will be able to take the survey online or in paper form.

When completed, the results from the Revere community health assessment will be available to individuals and organizations throughout the community. Those parts of the action plan that engage MGH must be approved by the MGH Board of Trustees. Mass General will not be able to address every issue, but other organizations may be able to use the information in this report to guide their existing work or help write grants and obtain funding to tackle some of the identified issues not currently being worked on. The ideal is that collectively we can continue to address the issues that matter most to residents and therefore help improve the community’s overall health.

About the Center for Community Health Improvement (CCHI)

CCHI carries out its work in Chelsea, Revere, and Charlestown, where MGH has maintained healthcare centers for more than 40 years, as well as in Boston among youth, homeless persons and seniors. CCHI has partnered with the communities it serves to assess needs and create more than 35 programs that:

  • Reduce and prevent substance abuse 
  • Tackle the obesity epidemic by increasing access to healthy food and physical activity
  • Increase access to care for vulnerable populations such as immigrants and refugees, seniors, and homeless people
  • Prevent cancers through early detection and screening
  • Generate interest in science and health careers among youth


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