Monday, January 27, 2014

Neurology Session for MGH Youth Scholars Inspires Poem

By Samantha Eligene and Kelsey Dupont, both 10th graders at Revere High School

When one hand reaches for the sky

But the other is stuck by their side

When the words sit at the tip of their tongue

But the actual syllables just won't come.

If a droopy face looks upon you

What are you suppose to do?


Call 911!


When the blood stops reaching their brain

It may cause a bit of pain

As fatty substances block the flow

Of what makes them able to go

When a vessel suddenly bursts

You know who to call first


Call 911!


So doctors can see inside

With a cat scan or MRI

If it's Ischemic or hemorrhagic

And then work their magic

To make their patient feel brand new

Just like they always do


If you want to help save the day,

You know what they say


Call 911!


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