Family Planning Program

MGH Charlestown, MGH Chelsea, and MGH Revere provide confidential Family Planning services to adolescents and other eligible patients through grant support from Boston Action for Community Development (ABCD).


Family Planning services include counseling and education; testing, diagnosis, treatment of STDs; and access to free contraceptives. These services are provided on site of MGH Charlestown Pediatric Department,  the School-Based Health Center at Chelsea and Revere High Schools, MGH Chelsea ROCA Youth Health Center, MGH Revere Pedi and MedPeds, and Revere Adolescent Health Center located at 300 Broadway, Revere.

Eligible clinical visits including the specific services listed above are funded by Family Planning grants from Boston ABCD.

About this Program

For more information, please call 781-485-6400


In 2013:

  • More than 2,300 visits (from 1,262 unduplicated patients) were made across MGH Charlestown, MGH Chelsea Roca Adolescent Clinic, MGH Chelsea School Based Health, MGH Revere Pediatric Unit, MGH Revere School Based Health Center, and MGH Revere Adolescent Health Center.
  • MGH Chelsea Pediatrics became a new and the 7th delivery site of the program this year, thanks to increased ABCD Title X funding. The Family Planning Counselor operates this Clinic one afternoon per week. 

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