MGH Charlestown Monument Street Counseling Center

In 2008, MGH Charlestown HealthCare Center opened a counseling and behavioral services center in the Bunker Hill Housing Development of the Boston Housing Authority focusing on addiction services.


The MGH Charlestown Monument Street Counseling Center serves residents of Charlestown with substance abuse and mental health disorders.

About this Program

Our patient population is 53% female, 75% white, 53% single, and 93% speak English. The majority are 24-36 years old. Of the 73% of patients seen for substance use related disorders, 8% also have depression, 32% have chronic medical conditions including Hepatitis C.  One-third of patients live within the Boston Housing Authority site, and the majority of the remaining patients live in Charlestown.


In FY13, there were 2,644 visits by 214 patients.


  • Mass General's Response to the Opioid Epidemic - 6/16/2015, Mass General

    Mass General Hospital is on the front lines of the opioid epidemic. The MGH Substance Use Disorders (SUDs) program goal is to have substance use disorders addressed along all levels of health impact; from primary community-based prevention to early intervention and treatment to chronic disease management.

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