Chelsea Violence Prevention/Intervention Programs

The MGH Center for Community Health Improvement provides funding for the Chelsea Police Department to prevent and intervene around violence for “newcomers” to the community, particularly newly-arriving immigrants and refugees.

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The Chelsea Violence Prevention/Intervention Program provides outreach and supportive services on behalf of the Chelsea Police Department to newcomers and already existing immigrant and refugee communities. Officers connect with these populations via community networking and collaboration to help ensure that fear, misunderstanding, language and trauma are not barriers to accessing public safety and police services. The program establishes greater trust and understanding between the CPD and newcomer community. The Chelsea Police Department also provides public safety-related information and resources to newcomer families.

About this Program

Partnerships with major community organizations (MGH, The Chelsea Collaborative, The Neighborhood Developers, Centro Latino) provide referrals and allow the Newcomer Program to connect with individuals who may otherwise not access police services.


  • 850 community members were served, and 10 community partnership events were held.
  • Chelsea has sustained a large immigrant and refugee population, but has seen fewer arrivals in the last year. As a result, much of the work of the program has focused on maintaining current relationships so that residents continue to feel confident and comfortable in their relationships with local law enforcement.
  • The Department handled nine incidences of case management during ESL presentations.
  • For the Bhutanese community, the Department organized Fire Safety Workshop, and distributed informational brochures with phone numbers and explanations of the function of 911 at various workshops.

For more information, please contact Clair Contreras at

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